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Navigating Autism: A Parent's Guide to ABA Therapy

Navigating Autism For Parents

If your child has had a recent Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis, it can be a lot to process, but you're not alone. Did you know that about 1 in 44 kids get diagnosed with autism? ASD doesn't pick favorites—it's there across races, ethnicities, and wallets.


Now, let's talk therapy. Have you ever heard of ABA therapy or Applied Behavior Analysis? It's like the Jedi training for behavior. This therapy is about observing and measuring behaviors to improve social skills and communication and reduce those not-so-great behaviors. Plus, it gives you data on how it's all working.

Once the doctor recommends ABA therapy for your little one, it's time to jump through a few hoops. Here are four steps to make this journey a bit smoother:

Ring Up Your Insurance Pals:

Most insurance companies cover some ABA therapy. Give them a buzz to find out the details, such as hours covered, plans, and all that jazz. And don't forget the backup insurance if you've got one!

Paperwork Galore:

Before your kiddo dives into therapy, there's an assessment phase. Docs need some paperwork, like:

·         Diagnostic Evaluation: The ASD diagnosis report.

·         Physician's Letter: A note from the diagnosing doctor endorsing ABA services.

·         IEP: The school report on your child's education plan.

·         Copy of Your Insurance Card: The golden ticket for billing.

Home or Center? Ask the Doc:

ABA can happen at home or at a center. It depends on what your little superstar needs. Center vibes are structured and distraction-free, perfect for learning. Home sessions? It's like teaching skills in their natural habitat. 

Scout for Therapy Places:

Time to check out ABA Centers in your city. Ask them the burning questions:

·         When and how long are services available?

·         Is there a waitlist?

·         Insurance – yea or nay?

·         How long is the assessment process?

·         What paperwork kicks off the intake process?

Living in Dallas, TX? Lucky you! LEAP Autism Center has centers in Duncanville and Farmer's Branch, Texas. If you're on the lookout for services, hit us up, and let's chat. We're here to help make this journey a bit smoother for you and your little hero. 


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