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Center-Based vs Home-Based ABA Therapy - Which Should You Choose?

Children or young adults diagnosed with autism can benefit greatly from ABA therapy. ABA therapy aims to implement certain procedures to change unwanted behavior or behaviors. Besides a school setting, therapy can be given to a child at home or at an ABA center. Depending on what is being worked on with a child will depend on if a child needs home-based or center-based ABA therapy. Read on to learn the differences between the two therapy settings.

Home-based ABA Therapy

The biggest benefit to home-based therapy is that the child can learn in a comfortable environment; in their home. Home-based is also helpful because the therapy can be done with the help and support of the caregiver. Activities of daily living are often worked on in home-based ABA therapy. Activities such as working on personal hygiene, eating, bathing, and cooking are some things the child can work on because they are normally done in the home.

The skills that are worked on in home-based therapy are usually skills that the child will most likely attend to in a home setting. Home-based therapy allows for more natural setting opportunities with the family.

Center-based ABA Therapy

Center-based ABA therapy is also another common form of therapy. Center-based ABA therapy can occur in a school, community, or outpatient facility designed specifically for ABA therapy, such as LEAP Autism Therapy.

One of the benefits of center-based therapy is that the child will have the opportunity to interact with other students if needed. Children can attend center-based therapy before, during, or after school, depending on what is recommended and best for them. Sometimes children will attend center-based therapy in place of schooling, depending on the severity of the child’s diagnosis.

Center-based therapy allows for structure and a controlled environment for the child. While center-based therapy is a great place to attend if you want to build social skills with other students, it can also be a good place for one-on-one therapy in a controlled environment.

There are many pros and cons to both home-based and center-based ABA. The first step in determining which type of therapy would be best for your child would be to request an assessment. Once an assessment is completed, a BCBA can direct you to which kind of therapy is best for your child.

LEAP Autism Therapy is a center-based ABA facility located in Duncanville, Texas. We have a team of experienced BCBA’s, RBT’s Speech & Language Therapists, and Occupational Therapists. Visit our website to request an assessment for your child to determine your next steps.

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