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Have you heard of Natural Environment Teaching?

Natural Environment Teaching

NET stands for Natural Environment Teaching, a unique approach to teaching and learning. It happens in a less structured environment, where the child often takes the lead. The goal is to teach behaviors that occur in their everyday life. Therapists using NET focus on guiding the child to learn in a setting that feels natural to them.

Why should parents get on board with NET? NET is fantastic because it aligns with the child's natural environment. It's like teaching them skills in a space where they'd naturally use them. Plus, it's great for generalization, meaning your child can apply what they learn in different situations and around other people. If language development is on the agenda, NET can be a game-changer.

How can parents make the most of NET? Using NET is pretty flexible and can be incorporated into almost any activity. While the child takes the lead, it's helpful for therapists or parents to have a plan in place beforehand. And hey, let's keep it fun! Here's a quick example:

Imagine your child loves throwing a ball into a bin. If you're working on getting them to ask for the ball, you can wait for them to ask or encourage them to request it before the next throw. The key is making the activity enjoyable for the child.

NET isn't limited – it can teach many skills like requesting, following directions, identifying items, matching, and more. Just remember the golden rule: keep it fun and engaging!

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