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Interested in Working in Applied Behavior Analysis?

Are you considering getting a degree in Applied Behavior Analysis? While the coursework might seem a little demanding, we know from experience that it is a rewarding career. Once you have a degree in ABA, you can find opportunities inside educational facilities, hospitals, residential treatment centers, and for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

LEAP Autism Therapy, we have both Registered Behavior Technicians and Board Certified Behavior Analysts working with our clients. To help you decide if working in human behavior is right for you, we wanted to lay out the requirements for both RBTs and BCBAs.

RBT Requirements

If you are interested in becoming an RBT, you must be at least 18 years of age and hold a high school diploma. If you meet these requirements and are looking to become an RBT, the next step would be to find an approved 40-hour training. There are several approved online trainings, and also universities that offer this course. You can find a list of them on the Behavior Analysis Certification Board website (

Once you have completed your 40 hours (or while you are working on the course), you will need to secure a responsible certificant who agrees to supervise you. A responsible certificant is usually a BCBA. They will help you with completing and signing off on the RBT Competency Assessment.

The final step in becoming an RBT is to take the examination conducted at an approved testing site. The test will take approximately 90 minutes.

Along with these requirements, candidates must also pass a background check and agree to the BCBA’s code of ethics. Once you have completed these requirements, you are now considered an RBT! RBTs are responsible for working directly with clients and providing specific services that a BCBA creates. RBTs are not allowed to develop plans or conduct assessments for clients as they do not have the proper training.

BCBA Requirements

If you want to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, you will be required to do a little more work. BCBAs require a graduate-level degree in behavior analysis. They are also required to complete 1500-2000 hours of supervised fieldwork, depending on what route they decide to take. Once both the graduate degree and the fieldwork hours are completed, the student must sit for the BCBA exam.

BCBAs may supervise BCBAs and RBTs, and other professionals who implement interventions.

If you are interested in becoming either an RBT or BCBA, we encourage you to visit the website to help you navigate the requirements. LEAP Autism Therapy is always looking for new staff, so be sure to reach out when you complete either certification!


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