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The 7 Dimensions of ABA and Their Importance

If you are new to Applied Behavior Analysis, you might have heard therapists talking about the seven dimensions of ABA. These are seven key areas that board-certified behavior analysts or BCBAs include in a treatment plan when setting goals.

Let's dig deeper into each dimension:


Generality means a behavior can be taught over time in a different setting and with different people. It can be considered the end result of ABA therapy. This is when the client can perform a behavior after therapy has ended.


All therapy plans must be effective in producing changes in behavior. If this is not happening over time, the therapist should reevaluate the intervention and possibly try something new.


Technological means that all programs that are being used can be written and described clearly enough so that anyone can understand the goals and effectively implement the program themselves, even if they did not write the program.


A behavior change is applied when it improves the everyday life of a client and the people around them. It is improving socially significant behavior, such as making eye contact when speaking to someone.

Conceptually Systematic

A conceptually systematic plan is research-based when it comes to achieving the goals that have been laid out. A good therapist will not just design a plan without knowing what past research has shown.


All treatment plans should utilize data to decide whether it is working on not. ABA therapy is always based on data and never on a person's opinions.


A therapist's job is to analyze behaviors, determine what needs to be worked on, and predict how interventions will change these behaviors.

When BCBA's and RBT's apply these seven dimensions to program plans, we ensure that the treatment plans are supported by research and that the interventions are necessary for the client. Here at LEAP Autism Therapy, we follow these seven dimensions when developing a plan for our children so you can rest assured that treatments are effective and result in a positive outcome with data to back it up.

If you are looking for ABA services for your child, LEAP Autism Therapy can help. We can provide individualized treatment plans to meet specific goals for your child. Schedule an assessment today.

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