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A Less Stressful New Year’s Eve for Your Child with Autism

New Year’s Eve can oftentimes be a difficult holiday for children with autism. However, it doesn’t need to be. It can be a fun and enjoyable holiday for the whole family if you plan ahead. Here are a few ideas to help you plan for a fun New Year’s Eve celebration.

Count down to noon instead of 12 AM

Staying up past a child’s regular bedtime can cause issues for not only your child with autism but also for the entire family. We are all guilty of not being in the best mood when we lack sleep. So instead of ringing in the new year at midnight, do it at noon to avoid any sleep disruptions.

Watch Fireworks on TV

Fireworks are a fun part of big celebrations but are also loud and bright. These are two things children with autism may not like to be around. Instead of attending a fireworks show, opt to watch them on television in the safety of your home. Then, your child will still have the opportunity to see fireworks on New Years’ Eve and not be startled by the bright lights and loud noises.

Have a quiet confetti or balloon drop

Set up a confetti or balloon drop to add excitement to the New Year’s Eve holiday. Hang a garbage bag full of confetti and balloons from your ceiling and release everything after the countdown! It’s a fun, visual way for children with autism to be part of the celebration.

Have a movie night

There is nothing wrong with staying in on New Year’s Eve! Have a pajama night, and put on your favorite holiday family movie! Wrap your child in a weighted blanket for comfort, and pop some popcorn for the family! It’s a relaxing way to celebrate the holiday together with less stress!

The holidays can be fun for everyone with a bit of planning! Are you looking for more tips? Visit the Leap Autism Therapy blog!

Happy Holidays!


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